Sunday, May 10, 2009

Disney Makes You Sick And Stupid

Disney has spent (at least) hundreds of millions of dollars to convince you that they are a happy, wholesome company that provides quality entertainment for your family. All this brainwashing costs them little compared to the profits that roll in when little tykes drag their parents off to see the latest repackaged crap their studios have served up.

These guys' idea of "character development" is to do a marketing study to see what toys little kids want to find in their Happy Meals.

"Plot" is something that must fit in five bullet points or less. This is not too restrictive, as there are only three different plots allowed in Disney movies anyway.

These days, it seems as though they pay more for "fart joke development" than they do for animation. Plot development of course costs nothing at Disney, which also helps to boost profits. If they could only find a way to reuse fart jokes, their profits would go up at least 50%.

Yeah, that's right, I just watched yet another movie adapted from something I liked and ruined by the scabrous clutches of Disney studios. Have you ever watched a Disney movie and noticed that some parts are good and other parts are stupid? That's because the good parts came from the original source, and Disney added all the crap.

For God's sake, people, stop with the brand-identification! Stop rewarding these sickos for raping their consumers!